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My play-hard weekend

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve been working pretty hard with the running & rushing around meeting clients as well as completing projects the whole week. This weekend, I managed to “play” as hard too.

My weekend started on Friday, 18th Dec; right after rushing to collect our company chop/stamp & meeting a client for a short meeting. I met up with my lovely ladies at Raffles Hotel Longbar Steakhouse. It was only when I sat down & May asked that I realized I had forgotten to take my camera in all my rush. Thankfully, May’s colleague had a camera in the office. We’re saved!

I love catching up with the ladies. As the years go by, our topics matured. I’m glad for Stef that she has completed her final exams to her part-time degree. So it was kind of double celebration at the dinner. We also did our yearly traditional gift-exchange, though I’m so ashamed to say that my presents for them were not exactly complete. Oh, did I mention that I bought my very first LBD (and a darn sexy one at that) especially for this dinner with them?

Althou it's a steakhouse, I had a medium-rare tuna. yum!

Ann had lobster

Only May had steak

While Stef had cod fish

I love the colors of this photo!

From Raffles Hotel, I rushed up to Marsiling Rise for Nadrah’s henna night. Helped her out with her henna and we sat & talked till about 2am. I finally got home at 3. Then we woke up early on Saturday, 19th Dec, to attend Nadrah’s solemnization at An-Nur Mosque at 10am.

Nadrah & Zaihan

As soon as the Solemnization was over, we headed down to Illuma at Bugis for the launch of Six Rocket. Thank God we made it to the launch.During their Q&A session, they actually gave away HUGE prizes. Guess what? I was the first to answer a question and I got to bring back a Sony Digital Photo Frame/Printer! The Wan went on to answer another question and he brought home this Panasonic Lumix GH1 baby! We also got a $20 Cathay Photo voucher during their lucky draw. But we had to miss the free movie screening of Avatar after the launch cos we had to rush back to Nadrah’s wedding ceremony.

with Six Rocket CEO, Pete

the Wan with his prize

Six Rocket's textured notebook packaging

With all our prizes, we had to make a pit-stop back home to leave the bulky items. We finally arrived back at Woodlands at about 4.30pm. The newly weds were already going to change into their Javanese outfit.

the Javanese royalty? hehe

Saturday night ended close to midnight after the newly weds offered to drive us home. hah! So sweet of them =D

In conjunction with her 5th Anniversary, my eldest sister had informed us that she made reservation for our family at Causeway Point’s Seoul Garden for lunch. Just before heading out to Causeway Point, our cousin Lyn had initiated an impromptu day out. So we actually suggested to fly kite at the Barrage again. The best thing for this time’s Barrage, my whole family tagged along. We arrived at the Barrage around 5pm and headed to the Roof Garden directly to fly our kites.

Me fly kite with Dad while Nadia's fiance Imran flying one

As we were all so excited flying our kites, the rain poured! It can only mean one thing – head down to the Water Playground!

Asfa's best swimming "pool" ever!

After the kids had been washed up, another impromptu decision was made for dinner. For the first time ever, my family headed down to Badoque Cafe together. This time, my whole family, plus the 2 in-laws and 1 future-in-law, together with Dino & Lyn with Nardyne – 13 in all! I was so excited that I called for reservation right away! It was also to surprise my brother-in-law whose birthday falls on the next day, 21st Dec 09.

the Birthday Man

All 13 of us at Badoque

And with a very sumptuous Badoque dinner, we ended our Sunday. It was definitely a great weekend of hard “play” for me. It’s been a long while since our family went out for lunch AND dinner together like this.

I love how the weekend was filled with love from the closest friends & my family. It’s a nice end to a long week for me. Definitely.

  1. Stan Yu
    December 21, 2009 at 11:11 am

    Hey Nazeera and Wan,

    Stan here. nice meeting you both at the sixrocket launch. Envious of your prizes lol.

    Have a merry merry xmas and keep in touch~. 🙂

    • zee
      December 21, 2009 at 6:54 pm

      Hey Stan! Didn’t know that you’d find my blog 😀
      Likewise, it was nice meeting you too.

      Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. December 30, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    It seemed you had a very busy week and OMG! I know Zaihan too. Small world!

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