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When we Wonder for Milk

Back in May, I met up with Edwin my ex-colleague from PacNet at Ikea Damansara for dinner. He then suggested for us to go elsewhere for some drinks. It was our virgin visit to WonderMilk.

This time, we got PohChu to help us get to WonderMilk.

the Wan @ WM

It is really a nice cosy place if you want to chill out, meet up with friends or even to have a casual meeting. I love it for their milk of course. However, I think their cupcakes are a little too pricey for too cute of sizes. We bought the “max” cupcake which we thought was their “mini” edition. How we were wrong.. =( But other than that, we’ll definitely return for their WONDER milk! heh

Ouh and they have this Lucky Dip, which reminded us of “tikam-tikam” we used to buy when we were kids. I don’t know if was available in Malaysia, but when we were younger, these “tikam-tikam” packs were in black packaging with a yellow question mark on it. It’s a surprise really, what you get inside. Sometimes you can even get a 2 dollar note in it. As for WonderMilk, it’s the packaging that got us to pay RM6 for their quite cute back-to-the-future unnecessaries inside. Heh.

you're hot and you're cold

our 2nd cup each

lucky dip!

cutesy stuff!

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