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When its Nisfu Syaaban once more

While last year, I got to go through Nisfu Syaaban with Mom, this time being already in Petaling Jaya, I did it alone. It dawned on me that I will go through Ramadhan without having my family around to break fast together. It was quite solemn for me last night.

Nisfu Syaaban, the day when Allah descent on the Earth’s sky to forgive the sins of the people. And it is when the book of goodness & sins is closed for the year and a new one begins for every Muslim.

How significant.

I didn’t realise that it would have also been Nisfu Syaaban when I begin this new chapter in my life. Closing my past in Singapore and opening a new book here in Malaysia. We are now facing our new challenges in life. It is a step we took without much plans. I’m thankful for this opportunity that’s paved for us.

I am such a home-girl lah. I’m already missing my family and worse, I FORGOT MY WEBCAM! =( Maybe I should go back to SG to grab it. hurhurhur…

For Amalan Nisfu Syaaban, view my past post here.

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