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When you win some and lost a whole lot more

I have made the decision to work with Shegar in Malaysia. His studio is in Petaling Jaya, where we (the Wan and I) will be at most of our time there, too.  A whole of significant things happened in the past months and has left a huge impact in me. When it comes to family and friends, it hits the heart the most.

The group of my heart has shattered somehow. I wanted to sit on the fence for the longest time I could. But this fat ass seem to shake and gave way. God knows which side of the fence I’m at now. My faith in friendship shook. I just wish things didn’t happen the way they did. But it did and I cannot turn back the clock, nor do I feel obligated to conform to what seemed to be of my advantage.

Taking up something which I thought was a dream come true couldn’t have tested me more in any way. I am now challenged financially, emotionally and physically. I just pray that Allah showered a lil bit more of love and show me the way to escape from this ruthless fall. Some signs will definitely be helpful.

I never wanted to leave G. Never. The Wan twittered yes, one was about G but the leaving part, wasn’t about him at all.

In life, I guess every one of us has a soft spot for something. We tend to lick our wounds and say, “hush hush, it’s just a small cut” when we know the cut couldn’t have happened if someone hadn’t pushed us down. We tend to give a million 2nd chances, trying not to be uncouth to others, yet, we forget that it is ourselves that hurt the deepest.

Venturing in this own business is not easy. You get asked unconsciously, or rather sometimes, consciously, if you should return to the rat race. But I take the words of a very tough girlfriend who says, “times are tough but only the toughest survives”, like a mantra. I hope I can be of a sturdy pillar for the Wan, and we can both emerge from this rut stronger, better, richer in experience and wealth. And InsyaAllah, that Allah will always send us his Angels to remind us not to forget those who put us where we are and where we were before the triumph.

Here’s to triumph! WE CAN SO DO IT!!!!


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