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When the year is halved already

Hello! I’ve been kept busy with my new responsibility to cover Anugerah 2009 for Gumbira. I never thought that it will excite me this much. Anugerah is a singing competition for the Malay Singapore TV channel Suria.

The 1st round which was on last week was enjoyable. I guess since I’ve followed through the progress of the contestants from the auditions rounds, I get charged up seeing how they’ve improved in both their styling and singing.

And with all the excitement, I seem to let the days zoomed by! It’s already mid June, which means, half the year has already passed! In this half year, I’ve been tested in so many ways. Financial, marital, friendship, family.. oh well. The list goes on.

While family will always be there to support you, friends matter just as much, in terms of moral and emotional support. It’s disheartening that even at this age, you still have friends who betrays you. Leveraging is acceptable among friends, but, betraying shouldn’t even exist.

I hope I’ll be stronger, emerging from all the hurt and downfalls this 1st half of 2009, to have a better half of the year to look back being better when 2010 comes.

I’ve said before, that if I’m given the opportunity I’ve been looking for, I’ll grab it by it’s neck and suck the marrow out of its life! A greener pasture is awaiting me now. I’m looking forward to all the positivities it’ll give me.

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