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When we got only little leisure time in KL

There isn’t much leisure time for us in KL this time round. Although we’ve been here for 2 weeks today, time was spent purely for work. We worked with Shegar for his ALL MUST GO sale and we discussed some business matters.

We did manage to catch Imran’s No Black Tie event and his album launch (press conference) the following week at the same place.

Imrans No Black Tie Event

Imran's No Black Tie Event

Launch of Punca Dan Tindakan

Launch of Punca Dan Tindakan

As we didn’t have much leisure time, I didn’t bring along my camera everywhere we go. But here’s some of the places where I managed to take some photos with my handphone.

KL, from a high point of view

KL, from a high point of view

Imran and Faliq brought us to a hill in Ampang (correct me if I’m wrong, Imran) on the way to Shegar’s. The cool wind and view was awesome. It was a shame we didn’t have the camera with us. It is the whole of KL from a very high point of view. I wonder what it’s like in the day. Kan?

Menara KL from Doraisamy

Menara KL from Doraisamy

One of the places we HAVE to go every time we’re in KL is at Doraisamy (where Heritage Row is). The Indian-style soup there is to die for. I’ve always noticed the Menara KL whenever we’re at Doraisamy but never remembered to snap a photo. When I looked up that night, I just took out my camera and snapped it. I love the lights streaks.

I mentioned in my earlier post that last Sunday we went to Low Yat to get my baby upgrade its RAM. We came across a stall that does laptop skins but didn’t have any designs with us to get my laptop skinned. So we returned to Low Yat today to get some more cheap computer stuff and of course, to get my baby skinned. It is one of PlayPause’s earlier works when the Wan just started designing flyers for drum&bass events in SG. I love it so much I asked him to make it into a PlayPause design. It is only now, I get to use it for print. Here’s how my baby look like now….

my "new" laptop!

my "new" laptop!

And since today is our last day/night in KL, we made full use of it. We again went around KL. Pavilion/Sg Wang/LowYat/Pavilion and now we’re at Krispy Kreme. Yes! Krispy Kreme has arrived in KL! The last time we were here, we missed just by a day to grace the opening of Krispy Kreme in Times Square. So now, we’re here! It closes at midnight (1am during weekend nights) and offers free WIFI! heh

a dozen Krispy Kreme to share

a dozen Krispy Kreme to share

We’re bringing home a dozen doughnuts to share with Imran and Faliq later. Singapore, I see you tomorrow!

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