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When this is the best busy ever

We are here in Petaling Jaya to help out with Shegar and this sale he’s been putting off for the longest time. He is having his new line coming up, thus this EVERYTHING MUST GO sale. Today’s the first day of sale at Shegar’s Eye Design studio. This man is truly talented. He does make up, fashion, styling, wedding and home too (that’s interior design for you who don’t get it). 

We’re still serving our last customer for the night. And I’m very happy how this day sale’s going. I can’t wait for the next few days. 

I’ve been so busy since the day we arrived. Okay, we arrived on Saturday night – that didn’t count lah. On Sunday we met Shegar for a run-down of how the sale should be. We started work at his studio in PJ the very next day. So, we’ve been working non-stop since we arrived lah! I’m not complaining, really. The truth is, I’m LOVING it here, seriously. 

Sweetie, if I’m given the opportunity I’ve been looking for, I’ll grab it by it’s neck and suck the marrow out of its life! (insert the most evil laughter here!)

There are so much things we, as PlayPause, can explore here. We are excited about the possibilities that we can stick our hands into. But first, we’ll need to get our driving license – which we can get it here too in M’sia!

Well, I’m going for late dinner now. My next post better be something personal instead of work. I have so much bottled up in me which I need to let go. 

Till the next time, honey. ❤ from PJ. 

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