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When I return!

Hello once again dear WordPress-world! I’m back after a long hide-away in solitude. 

A lot of things happened in the month of April and it made me a stronger person. Business opportunities really are looking on a bright side after PlayPause is officially registered. KL projects are concrete and we’re going crazy with the projects we have. Good-crazy that is. Keep us on our toes! hehe I love this adrenalin rush but am definitely not happy with the fact that our laptop decided to concuss at such a time! Urgh! We realized that we need to be more mobile when we were in KL. We definitely need to work on a Mac instead of Windows. MacBookPro sponsors, anyone? =)

One thing that’ll keep me busy from this month on is Anugerah 2009. Not that I’m taking part in the Malay singing competition, but I’ll be involved in providing updates/reviews of the show. As being part of Gumbira, the new company set up by Imran Ajmain, I’ll be taking the post of a “online journalist” of sorts. This is a new challenge and is very exciting for me. Something I’ve been dreaming of wanting to do for a very long time – journalism!

Wish me luck and hopefully I can get that MacBookPro or at least a new laptop soon!

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