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When I got hurt again

It’s something I want to remind myself. Something I shouldn’t do ever again. No matter how hurt I got.

Earlier tonight, I “ran” away and seek solace in the arms of my mom up north in Yishun. She let me cry yet she reprimanded me for allowing my husband to return home to an empty room. Whatever problems I have should always remain within these 4 apple-white walls. Religiously, that’s the right thing to do. But I couldn’t contain the hurt and being in a “strange” home, I needed familiarity, love and happiness at that very moment. 

He only figured out I was in Yishun after almost 2 hours I went “missing” – I wasn’t answering my calls because I diverted all calls to my office number. I was just replying sparsely to his desperate messages wanting to know where I was.

As I was leaving Yishun, I called and he was already coming to get me. We decided to just meet at Northpoint. I couldn’t bare to see his red puffed-up watery eyes. We hugged at the sideroad, said our sorries and went to fill our stomachs. When I went to buy another drink, he took the time to “carve” this out. And I was just, touched. He’s still a romantic, isn’t he?

I <3 U

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