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When I became a groupie yet again

I was thrilled when I saw the MOSAIC Music Festival’s artistes lineup. Yuna, who was recommended to me by Imran, is in the list!

As the renovation going on about our kitchen/toilets took up even a full Saturday (which ended almost at 7pm!), I could only “run” to Yishun to do my laundry on Sunday – the same day as Yuna‘s performance. So I had to rush through laundry and the dryer (which couldn’t be rushed lah), and could only make it for Yuna‘s 2nd set. I learnt from Fau that she won’t be repeating songs from her 1st set that I missed – which had my personal favourites, Dan Sebenarnya and Rocket. 

When the cab we took arrived at Esplanade at about 9.40pm (the exact time Yuna’s supposed to start her 2nd set), I ran out and rushed through the crowd (which included the Wan’s nieces’ “EH SOMBONG SEH!”) to get myself a spot to sit and enjoy Yuna. 

So here, the groupie got to sit through Yuna’s 2nd set and managed to grab her CD for her to sign and even got to take a photo with her! Hahaha the Wan couldn’t hide his amazed expression that his wife is still a groupie. 



Yuna & her band


Yuna and I!

autographed CD

I’m a happy bunny. Thank you to the Wan for layaning the overhyped me and my nonsense that evening. More photos here.

  1. mrsKunta
    March 18, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    aauuwwww! she so sheeewiitt gal eh..
    how cld I gave her a missed!! *sob sob*

    btw .. I want my CD!!! (“,)

  2. zee
    March 18, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    perhaps next time laaaa…
    your CD is sitting nicely on my cpu hehe

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