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When I became the visiting chef

February 24, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Sunday, the Wan had soccer at the field of my secondary school. Since it’s so near to my sister’s place, I decided to make my way there as early as he did and ended up being the visiting chef *giggles*

I guess I’m still used to the many people in my family and I like cooking alot. With whatever there was in the kitchen, I decided to cook seafood tom yam and black pepper chicken.

Black Pepper Chicken

Black Pepper Chicken

Seafood Tom Yam

Seafood Tom Yam

 The above photos were taken on the Wan’s new LG Renoir phone. So chantek!

Last night, my mom gave me an SOS call to come and help cook for her. My aunt from Johor came unannounced and decided to stay for the night. So my almost-frantic mom who already had her massage scheduled this morning needed help with the cooking. Again, today, I was the visiting chef and  I cooked ayam lemak pedas (as requested by Dad) and stir-fried vege in oyster sauce.  

And the below photos, are taken from my new phone, which doesn’t have an 8Megapixel camera like the Wan’s phone does. So excuse the quality hehe

Ayam Lemak Pedas

Ayam Lemak Pedas

Stir-fried vege in oyster sauce

Stir-fried vege in oyster sauce

I don’t know if I should put up the recipe but should there be anyone who wishes to try what I’ve done here, can leave me your email address and I can send you the recipe heh 😉

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