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When February comes

I tend to panic when I haven’t gotten anything ready for this month; it being our wedding anniversary this 17th. With less than 11 days left, I kinda give myself the shock-attack that I need to get things done quickly. Also, I need to get something for the boy whom we share the date with. He’ll turn 3 while we turn 2. 

February started with a bang, I’d say. The past 5 days have been quite eventful.
– Dad went in/out of hospital and thank God he’s doing good
– We re-contracted our Cable and MaxOnline (Internet) to a cheaper package (Triple Freedom Pack Plus offered up til 13th Feb 09), which got us the Hubstation
– Prodigy came and we got the tickets last minute at a good steal (although I was very much pissed that I needed to go with a bad leg)
– Our biggest client has returned and onto the next project which again, got us both very excited about 

Things are looking good for PlayPause and planning stages with the Wan has always been simple and quick. February is the month for great things to happen for us. 

The Hubstation has gotten the Wan pretty excited about shows we used to miss before. The best part is, while we’re watching Ghost Hunters which is shown every Wednesdays, we got the Hubstation to record CSI which is shown on another channel at the same time slot. And if we missed something on Ghost Hunters – especially a whisper/movement, we can REWIND it while on LIVE TV! Maybe we jumped the wagon a little too late cos the Hubstation has been around, right? Now that Jon&Kate Plus 8 is on the new season, I got to record it for the Wan to watch when he’s back home from work. Wonderful is this little thing to us. 

Oh and I got myself a new land line (that’s a home phone line for those who don’t know). The new package contract we signed up got us a free land line for 2 years. I’m going to use this as PlayPause official contact number.  With this in place, PlayPause new namecard should be ready to be printed and distributed. We will also officiate PlayPause by this month. The works. 2009 is the year for us to seriously jet-start. 

We used to pay $155 a month for both our Cable and MaxOnline. Signing up this package will slash almost half of that price. Well, the economy is not doing too good, so everything has got to slash too! Herwin would definitely agree with “Scrooge is the way!” Haha I found the way to slash my Electrical bill and now the Cable/Internet bills. Perhaps my handphone bill will be next. 

Prodigy on Tuesday was definitely an impromptu decision for me. I got the tickets off Sal who was selling it at a steal the night before. I thought that the Wan should just go ahead and find a friend to go with him. But, let’s just say I ended up going with quite a black face. Haha. I was in horrible pain, mind you, almost limping due to a strain that runs from my waist down my right leg. We arrived at Fort Canning close to 7.30pm and there was already a healthy crowd at the entrance. We went in, find some food which was reasonably priced but was duped by buying water at $5 thinking we’d get the bottle instead of a stupid small glass of it! Five bloody bucks for WATER?! HALLOOO!

With my bad leg I couldn’t get myself in the pit, so we were far from the stage, on the steps somewhere behind the soundman. The lightings were crazy. I love the stage set-up. And Prodigy has not gone old even by a year. With a sound like Prodigy, if you don’t jump up and down dancing/prancing around, it would have been a waste. I ignored the pain and was enjoying myself haha but, when it was time to go home, I almost couldn’t walk! Haha I tried to take some photos with the K800i. But the experience itself was worth much more than any photos. 

the crazy stage setup and lightings

the crazy stage setup and lightings

the many people ahead

the many people ahead

the sweaty Wan

the sweaty Wan

the huge crowd that stayed after

the huge crowd (behind me) that stayed after

The next day, I woke up and saw across the room a scribbled message from the Wan. 


My husband is a romantic!

This weekend, starting from this evening, I’ll be living my dreams of becoming a tourist guide. For just over the weekend, I’ll be bringing a group of 8 Putrajaya folks around and about in Singapore. I’ve got an itinerary ready and boy, I’m looking forward to this. Have a great weekend, people!

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