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When Daddy got warded

I guess as I have been living separately from my family, I tend to feel left out in news I used to hear at first hand. I had made plans to meet up with Nan on Saturday night but when I arrived at Yishun for an impromptu visit, I learnt that Dad was feeling some tightness in his chest. But Dad being him, laughed it off saying it wasn’t painful or anything to be panicked about. Nonetheless, Mom didn’t want to take any risk and insisted him to go to the hospital. 

It was only around midnight that he was admitted into a ward. 

After a series of tests done, the doctor said Dad had stressed his muscles thus, affecting his heart. But thank goodness it wasn’t a heart attack. 

And sickly me got so sick easily. I was already running a fever that night and it got worse when I heard the news. After visiting Dad on Sunday, I went home and slept my evening away. Then my gastric flu acted up through the night. I think it’s either psychological or emotional; as soon as I spoke to Dad early on Monday morning, learning he was definitely a-ok, I could feel myself getting better. 

Thank you to my friends for all the well-wishes and prayers for my Dad. Alhamdulillah; thank God Daddy’s all dandy and resting at home now.

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