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Guilty as charged

November 10, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

It wasn’t my proudest moment when we displayed PDA today, right in front of our friends. Nope, the A does not refer to “affection” here; it’s “anger”.

I have been very angsty this whole week. I’d love to blame it on my hormones, but really, I’m not sure even if it IS due to my hormones. If it is, then my PMS this time is really at its worst throughout my 17 years having it (ok, sans that one whole year I didn’t get any, yet didn’t seek medical help). Maybe it’s because I’ve been so tired and I fell sick. I don’t know.

I supposed I was just so mad that while having an almost full-day job, I am being taken away from my normal wifely duties. I’m irritated with the fact that I cannot clean the room in the mornings like I used to, and I would come home to an unkempt room. The worse, is to see my laundry basket not empty! I get so annoyed that I would just be ready to burst.

Yet, the one person who is there for me throughout, is the one person who gets the thrashing every time.

I couldn’t be more than sorry when I lashed out at him about normal house duties. It is normal to ME not him. Tsk, Zee. I never meant to make him feel guilty by keeping my silence. I was just refraining from lashing out again, yet he urged me to break my silence til I got so miffed.

It got so bad today. I couldn’t believe it got so bad for something so minor. I need to get my rest and chill.

No more full-day/time jobs, really. I am very sure this is my path. PlayPause IS my full-time job; not freelance cos I don’t do it for free. So that at the same time I am also the full-time wife. This shouldn’t even be happening. Life will definitely go back to it’s normal course the week after.

I’m sorry, love. Truly.

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