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Pre Weekend Wrap-up

I am so tired la and the day hasn’t really begun! Exhausted. What’s worse than exhausted? Depleted? I have depleted. Hahah every bit of my energy has been used up for the week. But today is another day. I have 2 wedding invitations, Sunday class and then there’s a 1-year old birthday party. I’ll be all over Singapore. And I thought I can rest on Monday at least since it’s Deepavali holidays but the Wan’s family has planned a picnic at East Coast.

No, don’t get me wrong, I am excited for the picnic. I already know what I want to make/bring for the picnic.

But I am already having the cold waking up this morning. Now my nose is blocked. This is the 1st sign that I am so very very very tired. I don’t seem to have the time to recuperate from my tiredness this whole week. Bah. My voice is coarse now and the aching in my body is starting to irritate me.

Last month, I wrote about the perks of being the work-from-home-cum-housewife. Having started to work with SEAB, I clearly see the reasons why I’m sticking to working from home. I haven’t been able to clear my laundry basket and I’m going to miss the sun today and tomorrow as we’re leaving the house early, and coming home late. If it rains, I have no one to take in my laundry for me. No, I don’t have a dryer, thank you. This means, I’ll have 2 weeks worth of laundry to clear by the next weekend. *pulls hair* ARRGGGHH!!

I guess, just like the students who are sitting for their O levels now, I want the next 3 weeks to be over and done with quickly!

Anyway, the project we were working on has finally been printed and we only got it in our hands last night. It turned out really nice on wood-free paper, in my opinion. My friend sounded and looked disappointed at the end result, but I suppose she expected what was on the screen to be exactly the same on paper.The effects will definitely look best on glossy paper.

Anyhow, here’s the artwork. And of course, if you need their services, just call them! hehe

My friends, the housing agents

My friends, the housing agents

I’m happy for you. Elated, actually. But last night you might not realise you hurt me with what you said. I have defended you so many times but I guess I just didn’t see through the clear glass. I’m just beginning to feel muak with you. My heart is so sebak. Don’t worry, I know where I stand.

He knew where I was.

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