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Work crazy

It’s only mid-week and I’m already about to break my back/legs. Just as last year, I am working for 4 weeks with SEAB for the O levels period. This year, though, my role is not the same as last’s. I have a heavier responsibility to confirm all checks done has no error. But my mid-week was definitely challenging.

There’re still 3 days (inclusive of today and Saturday) to slug through!

I am repaying my lost 7 days of fasting during Ramadhan this week. I had anticipated to be so much weaker but surprised myself by almost wasting all of my energy to one group which made a hell of a mistake earlier. Thank goodness I have 2 staff who are good and fast learners. I could have died of anger if I didn’t have them around just now. Haha.

One of my good friends, approached me for a design service. We met up earlier for supper to show our draft. The look on her husband’s face when he saw the design was priceless. It is so satisfying to see how happy and impressed your client is with your work. It was only when we were going home, the Wan mentioned that one of my dreams; to tap into that particular market, has come true. MasyaAllah. I remember trying to figure out how to. Now, everything falls into place.

More on that project soon!

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