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The iftar that was

September 19, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

And so the Iftar with Imran Ajmain at Badoque was the day earlier. I arrived late, thanks to the heavy peak-hour traffic. Even after the free KPE way, we got stuck again at ECP. Bleargh. Very bleargh. 

I thought I took alot of photos but I guess it’s because I just got tired. But well, the event was a great catch up for ourselves as we haven’t met for iftar together. Imran, Nadrah, Salim, Wan Ros, HafiX, Roze, Raudha.. definitely a great mid-week. 

Here are some photos.. 

joke of the day - HEY! SHOCK RYT!

joke of the day - HEY! SHOCK RYT!

our group shot

our group shot

Imran with Badoque staff

Imran with Badoque's staff

Imran and I

Imran and I

The rest of the photos…

With Anuar’s poster design done, I’m struggling through to complete the next project I am very much excited about too. I just realised how easy was it for me to include the one line I need in the PHP file today, which troubled me for a few days! Tsk. 

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