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Young and sweet, only 17

September 16, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am all excited with the current projects we’re handling. One is of a huge star that I am trying very hard to keep mum about it as per my client’s request. Hopefully, I can release the info very soon. I’m very sure alot of fans are excited about this one.

With all the excitement, I am also very thankful that Dad’s procedure went smoothly yesterday. In a month’s time, I’m sure Dad will be all dandy to brisk-walk and accompany me jogging! The doctor said he should be resting for 2 weeks before he should drive again. By then it’s already Hari Raya and just in time for the 1st Raya weekend! Weeehooo!

Syukur Alhamdulillah!!

birthday wish from the Wan

birthday wish from the Wan

My 1st midnight-birthday celebration was the best ever. I guess Mamma Mia! topped the night off as I felt very much 17 thereafter. Hahaha. I AM the Dancing Queen! =) My birthday celebration in the day felt very much apt. I woke up to a birthday wish on the mirror. Then in the late afternoon, we bought Arnold’s chickens and went home to Yishun. I thank everyone who wished me via SMSes, calls and also those who left me messages on Facebook. Another birthday news, last year, Era gave birth to Aisy Zikri on my birthday and called me from the labour ward. This year, Noi’s sister gave birth on my birthday too, to Ana Sofia. Congrats to Wati!! =)

I feel blessed at this age. I finally manage to learn why I was faced with all the hardships. Also, this year will mark my exact one year being out of the rat race. This 2nd year will definitely show more progress and income from working from home. Insya Allah! Amin!

Here’s to a great ripe age of 27!

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