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What difference does it do?

September 7, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Was looking through old photos and found this, a year ago when we were in RCA/Flux club in Bangkok, Thailand for the Wan’s annual company retreat.

21st Aug 2007

21st Aug 2007

And then exactly a year agolater, when we missed out on Phuket for the company’s retreat, we went to Kallang Leisure Park.

20th Aug 2008

20th Aug 2008

I don’t think there’s any difference. We still look the same after a year. I still remember when we went to the swimming pool with Asfa and my sisters, we bumped into Wan’s school mate and she thought we’re just boyfriend/girlfriend! Hahaa

Anyway, I give up with the search of the replacement seamstress. Plan B. Reuse something we had only worn once together. We are going black and white. And because the Wan didn’t have a matching black back then, he decided to buy a black he saw flashed on tv. Without wasting any time, earlier on Saturday, we went to Tanjong Katong Complex, he went, saw, took, tried on and paid. In less then half an hour! Spiffy!

So we’re all set for Syawal. I trimmed and sew the curtains on Monday and we have the matching bedsheet. 2 sets of baju kurung, checked! Nevermind, the materials we have already bought can be sent for tailoring for next Raya instead. I don’t want to spend too much time preparing for Syawal this time around. Last year’s preparation for Syawal was a great lesson learnt.

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