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My stomach works in weird ways. I have never been able to figure it out. But what I do know is that I do have gastritis. Typically, I’ve been good during fasting month and I was doing okay last week when I did the Syaaban fasting as well.

But somehow, yesterday, it didn’t go down too well for me. Right after sahur (the morning meal), my stomach was aching crazy. By 8am, I was drained out and exhausted. I slept almost my day away to contain whatever’s left of my energy. Boy, I’m glad I made it through the evening. Met up with the Wan and finally he got his satay, for breaking of fast last night. He’s been going on and on craving for satay since last Thursday.

Satay at Glutton's Bay

Satay at Glutton's Bay

Anyway, I was being very careful with what I ate during break fast. I only had a couple of sticks of satay and I had some kaya fondue. Sahur has always been 3 slices of toast with a glass of milk. But this morning I had hot Milo instead. And today, again after sahur I felt a bad tummy ache. Only that it’s not like I was going to pass motion but I felt like there’s a lot of gas in there. The pain was especially around my lower abdomen.

And so I Googled. Perhaps, it’s just the change in my eating patterns for Ramadhan. Oh well. I hope I’ll be better soon. Today will be with the family in Yishun! Miss having to go through the fasting month with them. Tomorrow with the uncles/aunts and cousins in Tampines.

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