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Knock knock

Although I’ve been awake since 6am to prepare the Wan’s breakfast and see him off, I’m not really awake. I am not functioning well yet. I slept so late and woke up so early, yet I cannot go back to sleep nor start any work. Bah.

Anyway, last night while I was working on my latest project, I had the set on and The Bodyguard was showing. How classic! Whitney Houston was still looking good and Kevin Costner, well, he’s just him lah hor. But what actually caught my attention which I never realised before, although I’ve watched it a hundred times over, is the passphrase used when Farmer (Kevin Costner) first arrived to see Rachel (Whitney Houston) at her home.

“The atomic number of zee is 30”, was the passphrase before the gates would open! I think it was cheesy but well, I revel in weirdom at 2 in the morning.

I had it on my MSN personal message when my aunt-in-law, asked me on MSN if 30 is my age. We then got into the “what age did you get married/pregnant” topic and boy… sigh. Oh well, when the right time comes, it’ll come.

Let’s find something better to do instead.

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