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A lil mix of green

Last year, I felt like a little girl when I see him to the door donning all the greens. Although he could still come home at the end of each day for the 1st week, I felt really alone, like my heart ached so bad for him.

But this time, I felt like any normal day that I see him to the door before he goes to work; only too early in the morning when the sun hasn’t risen. Perhaps it was because we just got married about 6 months when he had to go for reservist last year.

I know of a couple of other guys who got called for reservist during this period too. These 2 weeks that is. It’s the season to be seen in green.

Anyhow, before the Wan spend some time away from computers and the Internet, and into the jungle (actually, just lots of trees), he managed to complete another mix. From the last time that I linked his download of Baile Funk mix, he had done 2 other Drum/Trance&Bass mixes. Go ahead to his alter-ego, DJ C0rnelius page. His latest mix, a mash-up is quite interesting. You might want to try spot whose track is on whose vocals.

The Wan is my walking music library. I’m still amazed at the wide range of music genres he actually knows. Thanks to his many brothers who each listened to different kind of music while the Wan was growing up.

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