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green fresh

green fresh

I didn’t want to leave the house cos the weather was just nice to stay in bed watching the set. Besides, Wednesdays always have good shows. But today being the last day for Andy at EHG, it would be nice to see him in a celebratory mood, wishing him well for his future endeavours and it’s also fun to see people get drunk haha

The Wan wanted me to come with him anyway. So after “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” ends, I quickly changed and was ready to go.

Pardon the narcissism, I’m just loving my new look.

I’m sugar-high now, the after effects of drinking 2 glasses of Shirley Temple. Too much of Shirley makes me wonky haha Oh and I just found out that Sizzler has Shirley Temple on its menu for just $3.50. But of course, it’s not that great but I don’t mind it.

Andy came to the company a month after the Wan did but now he’s off to greener pastures. Anyhow, here’s just one of the photos we’ve got, cos it’s our polaroid. I’m sure the rest of the photos will pop up in Facebook soon enough.

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