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Clawing out of the rut

Too much has happened. You would know something is wrong when I don’t blog for a couple of days. Haha I’m a freak, so yea, I would always want to write something off my chest.

Anyhow, Dad is okay although he had another episode on Saturday when he ventured out to Northpoint alone. He got into the A&E of NUH but was discharged after observation.

Me, on the other hand, got complacent and didn’t take my meals regularly and boom! I got my gastritis once more yesterday. Only this time it was so bad, the Wan had to get me into the A&E of TTSH. After 2 packs of sodium chloride dripped into me, a swallow of a couple of charcoal pills I was discharged after observation too. Got home at about 3am this morning from TTSH. Although the doctor would very much like me to stay, I’d rather go home, doc!

I need to get my head clear. Back to my normal regime. No more forgetting this, forgetting that. I have to stick to my plan.

Til then, I should be staying healthy throughout šŸ™‚

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