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I believe that our relationship has been very healthy since we first started in 2001. We have never fail to have arguments and huge fights yet, we also never fail to be able to talk some sense and make things right again. Although Friday was a total nightmare for us, the weekend was spent to heal things up.

Well, Saturday should not really count cos we both were downright tired from our morning run/jog that the whole day was about getting all spread out for a good rest at my sister’s place. Sunday, however, was a different thing altogether.

The Wan read in the papers about the Comic Con at Suntec over the weekend and he wanted to go so bad. Although I wasn’t really keen, his interests are my muse. We headed out to have pasta lunch nearby before going to Suntec. Some discussion over lunch took me by surprise and I was totally not myself throughout the day, but I did try not to act indifferent.

The crowd at the exhibition hall was crazy but I guess it was much harmless compared to the typical PC show that boasts of discounted sales. There were alot of people who know nuts of what’s going on but just followed the crowd, just because, and made the place unnecessarily crowded. Anyhow, the main attraction of the convention for the Wan is of course the row of International Artists. Among them are Pete Fowler (Monsterism), Simone Legno (tokidoki) and Mori Chack (Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly – the site is in Japanese).

The Wan only caught up with Pete Fowler and Mori Chack for autographs and we stayed around for abit to look at Guitar Hero and the Wii demos. Oh, and of course, some Star Wars characters.

Pete Fowler & Monsterism

2 designers of Devil Robots

Mori Chack


Star Wars, anyone?

Since the Wan decided to go Suntec, I had to decide where to go next. I chose Millenia Walk, just because we simply had neglected it was where we often went even before E-Walk. I love the breeze there because it is so near the Marina. We took the chance to take a couple of photos. I think we’re just meant to be; me the photographer, the Wan the model. I am so not photogenic at all.

More narcissistic photos are hidden (well, not really)..

  1. November 20, 2008 at 10:36 am

    Meet Gloomy Bear creator, MORI CHACK, with Pop Japan Travel!

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