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For the love of it

This was taken on 30th May 2008. The Wan hubby took the day off so that we could take my nephew, Asfa out to Sentosa. He loves the boy and always want to take the boy out whenever he could. So this was the chance to do so cos no one was around that weekend to look after Asfa.

We were on the bus and Asfa was getting quite excited about his trip. So his Papa Wan played peek-a-boo with him. I love this photo cos it caught Asfa while in motion.

It does put a smile on your face, right?

Taken on the same day after I had changed Asfa’s diapers and the extra top.

Contrary to the Luge tagline “Once is never enough!”, Asfa’s reaction in this photo just after we got off the Luge is classic – Once IS enough!

It took us quite awhile to coax him into getting on the Skyride and then down the Luge. He enjoyed the Luge more than the Skyride but whenever we asked him if he wants to get on the Luge again these days, he’ll answer a curt no!

Here’s my Dad when we were at Sentosa on Zura’s birthday, 8th June 2008. He was intrigued with the bridge that goes to the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia. Dad hasn’t been to Sentosa for ages!

Notice the earphones hanging around his neck? Dad loves to listen to the radio everywhere he goes! Mom can get very irritated with that because when she speaks to him he get very distracted with what he’s hearing on the radio that he doesn’t pay attention to what Mom says. The fact that he would always ask Mom to repeat what she was saying is the reason why Mom’s always irritated with Dad.

Quirky? That’s my Dad =D

He’s turning 59 next week! Gosh, now I need to go grab a gift for him!


These 2 photos were taken on the same day when we were high on the watch towers at the Southern Most Point of the Asia Continent.

When you look to your left, you’ll see boats, ferries coming or going towards Batam, Indonesia.

And on the further right is where oil refinery plants can be seen on Pulau Bukum.

I love the different clouds that were covering the skies that day, as shown on the right and left.


I always retreat in my room. Besides, I work from home, so I have to always be in my room, anyhow.

When days are bad, I love to just look out of my window. It could be raining or it could be sunny, I love them any way they are. But the best is when the sky is filled with clouds and the sun shining down strong, giving the clouds the literal silver lining.

The contrast in colors just make me smile no matter how bad my day could be.

Don’t you just love the fluffy clouds?

Sometimes they look as if they are sweet enough for you to pinch and take a bite. Just like cotton candies!

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