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Talk about it

I had the most productive day of the week, yet I feel dejected. What seem to work in the beginning don’t quite work towards the end.

I need a good weekend, darling.

If you don’t believe in coincidences, you haven’t met Imran & Nick yet. But anyhow, I’ve been on my way to getting rid of my excess weight. I’m still on my Phase 1 and earlier, Zura called me just to tell me that Oprah’s on with Bob Greene. If you don’t know who Bob Greene is, here’s a link.

What better way!

Zura the kiddo will turn 21 on Sunday. That’s quite fast eh? She’s all grown up. I wish you an early Happy Birthday and I hope you can make wise alternative decisions should your way is not achieved. Love you!

We were just watching PlainSunset’s VCD. It was their Live set at Zouk on for their The Gift album launch (if I remember correctly). But I know the date was 21st July 2001. It was the first time we, the Wan & I, Rashid and Dino, went to PlainSunset’s gig together. It’s been 7 years! I’m so looking forward to next Friday when PlainSunset will launch PlainSunset 2008 at Zouk again.

Anyway the VCD quality is wack eh! Haha but it was 7years ago, who bothers!

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