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Weekend that was

in dblO

I wish I was taller, but I was just standing on a platform while the Wan wasn’t.

It was dblO and Obar anniversaries, dual affairs. We were there only for a short while. Saw the people we need to see, hi and bye, saw the live band at PRB, moved in and out of dblO and Ungku took this photo of us and it’s on whosgoing.com! Yikes!

Next day, we set out at 6.30am from home and reached Yishun where our road trip would set off. The weekend road trip could have been more fun should I got a more comfortable seat. I’ve been having problems with my right side, waist-down, and it got worse when I returned from the road trip. The throbbing pain is getting quite unbearable.

But on the whole, the road trip is not bad afterall. I mean, what could go wrong when you’re with your family, right?

On our way up to Melaka, we stopped over at Johor in Taman University to visit my granduncle and grandaunt. Granduncle had just recovered. He was previously hit with high fever and was unconscious for 48 hours. I don’t know if that would be considered coma. It was very surprising to learn that he’s now well and dandy. He is still the healthy Tok Ngah we know.

Granduncle ..with his wife
The man who’s 83 now. With his wife.

Asfa, the nephew Dad with the towering grandfather clock
Not many people have the grandfather clock anymore.

Peace or two?

the sisters
The Khairins

mom & the girls

I’m still kinda lethargic. More photos later in the day or even tomorrow. Ciaowie.

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