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Off for the weekend

Madonna really doesn’t look her age, does she? (‘4 Minutes’ is currently on MTV. )

I can’t sleep. I’ve been called by nature for 3 times already. I can feel the 4th coming soon. I haven’t been too attentive to my body lar. I’ve been getting these stomach aches for the longest time and I jolly well know what’s wrong. I don’t eat at the regular times and I eat only when I feel the gastric’s a coming. By then, it’s too late and I know what’s in store for me in a few hours ahead.

Oh well. Stubborn.

We’re off to Melacca early in the morning later. Dad offered to fetch us to sleep over at Yishun so it would be easier when we set off at 7am. But, duty as a DIL calls la hor. Sometimes must think of others also. Bah.

I’m not so thrilled for this trip cos:
– it’s too last minute
– we don’t have much to spare
– I have tonnes of work to complete
– I’m having this stomach ache

But I hope it’ll still turn out good.

Oh we were at the dblO/Obar dual affairs earlier. I hope I can get the photo Ungku took of us.

OMG! Channel 5 is going to play Samantha Who!!! That is so random!

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