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Weekend unloaded

The best thing about working from home is that I can not worry about my laundry. Haha am I turning into the typical housewife already? Anyhow, I like the fact that laundry can be done at any day of the week. Instead of previously when I was still working with the Bank, laundry can only be done during the weekends. And that is if the weekend was sunny. If not, I’d be stuck with 2 weeks’ worth of laundry the next weekend. Sometimes, I would sneak some pile and had our laundry done over at Mom’s.

I guess I’m getting comfortable at this work-from-home that I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the rat race.

Over the long weekend, I managed to secure a project, enjoy some family time and indulge in good chillout time with the husband.

After securing the Project on Saturday, we celebrated by having some good chicken from Arnold’s, with Raudha in tow. That girl need some kit-kat break anyway. Us two then went on a frenzy looking for konnyaku jelly moulds before getting Dad to fetch us to Yishun where Nadia & I went on preparing the jelly for the family meeting.

The Project will now keep me busy as a bee pollenating flowers in the window. I drew up a time-table last night for me to follow through the day today. I’m so glad I’ve managed to keep on track since I started out at 7am this morning. I even like the breaks I’ve scheduled for myself through the day, although I ran a lil over time during lunch cos I had to make my way to the bank. I did catch up though. Yeay for myself there.

I was kind of disappointed on Sunday when the scheduled family meeting was held. Some cousins, who are old enough to understand what was being brought up, chose to sit outside the house instead. The objective of the meeting was not met due to too many distractions. But it was such a disheartening moment when the meeting was about to start, it was dampened by a remark that I personally think was not necessary. Perhaps, the next time, we should have all questions asked only at the end of the session. With all that’s said, I still think it was a good time having everyone around. I like the AAR (after action review) that happened spontaneously with Uncle Aziz & Ayah Long after everyone left.

I’m looking forward to a better 2nd meeting!

Yesterday was a well-spent day at my sister’s place where the meeting was held anyway. After the hectic preparation and clean-up for the meeting, we decided to stay for the night over at Yishun. While the rest went to the swimming complex, the Wan hubby and I decided for a Bourne marathon. I really love the Bourne trilogy but it was the Wan’s first time watching. They should really come up with the box set. Bourne is the new Bond, at least for me. I don’t really get Bond and I don’t bother. But Bourne, is the movie hero of my time. And Bourne is born on my birthday! haha Anyhow, I’m glad we got to spend the holiday chilling out by ourselves. We headed back home after dinner when everyone else returned from the day’s swimming.

Alright now, break is over. Time to hit the jackpot again.

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